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How we work
Step 1: Register your self
Step 1: Register your self

Select or search for condition & Register your self, tell us your medical history

Step 2: Get consulted
Step 2: Get consulted

Check the reviews & book an appointment, get personalized treatment with expert doctors

Step 3: Get Prescribed
Step 3: Get Prescribed

Get a digital prescription & a follow-up for further consultation.

What We Do

Tmedy makes it easy to connect with the right doctors, therapists, counselors, labs, imaging centers, pharmacies and lot more..


Find what you need with few clicks. Get appointments in a tmedy.


Secured and easy to use apps to provide personalized care.


Always know your price up front or make an offer.

How it Works

Book an appointment that’s convenient for you.

  • No matter where you are or how busy your life gets, you can talk to one of our many friendly and knowledgeable doctors online at a time that works with your schedule

  • Use our app to talk to one of our doctors now

  • Pick up your prescriptions or have a follow up appointments.

Types of Doctor
For Kids

Your little ones can see a pediatrician who can treat children two months old and up

For Adults

If you need a doctor, see a general practitioner or internal medicine doctor for adults

For Everyone

Get a Family practice doctor who can see your family in your family home

Schedule a Video Visit

Instantly book a video visit and get access to quality providers from the safety of your home.

If you need immediate medical attention, please call 9-1-1 and let them know you are concerned about coronavirus.

Patient's Words

What our patients say about their consultation experience on TMEDY...

Very good app for consultation. Easy to access, quick appointment booking . Thanks Tmedy ...


My doctor was super understanding and probably one of the first times I didn’t feel ignored or rushed. I did not realize healthcare could be THIS easy.


I could not have been more satisfied with my first experience with TMEDY. It is simple, easy, fast, and convenient.

New Jersey

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Get our app from iOS App Store or Android Play Store to get care in a tmedy..

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Tmedy for Providers

Join the Telehealth Movement. Connect with new and existing patients for live video consults wherever you are, wherever they are, on your phone or computer. It’s easier, faster, more personal access to healthcare!


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